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Poul Webb

POUL WEBB was born in Cambridge in 1947 and educated at the Cambridge School of Art.  Soon after he graduated, his work was exhibited at the John Moores Liverpool Exhibition and in 1973 in the British International Drawing Biennale at Bradford.  In the mid 1970s he showed twice in major International Exhibitions of Original Drawings at the Museum of Modern Art in Rijeka and work of his was acquired at this time by H.M. Government Art Collection.  In 1987 he was one of Ten British Watercolourists shown at the Museum of Fine Arts, Bilbao.  Since 1990 Poul Webb has worked largely in oils, a development accompanying his preference for a time for subject matter drawn from the Americas.  He has been represented by Francis Kyle Gallery since 1978 and in 1979 exhibited his Watercolours of Calabria.  This was followed by Watercolours of Morocco (1981), Watercolours of the Aegean (1984), Watercolours of the Caribbean (1986), Tropical Deco: Paintings of Miami and the Florida Keys (1988), Paintings of New Orleans (1990), In Cuba (1998), On the Weald (2000), In Provence (2002), In Tuscany and California (2004), In the Douro Valley (2006), In Andalucía (2008), In Kerala (2010) and Islands (2012). In 2005 Poul Webb was a major participant in the Gallery’s theme exhibition Lair of The Leopard: twenty artists go in search of Lampedusa’s Sicily (2005) and several of his paintings appear in Lair of The Leopard (Third Millennium Publishing, London, 2006). In 2006 his paintings featured in Everyone Sang: a view of Siegfried Sassoon and his world by twenty-five painters today.SHADES OF GREY, Poul Webb’s first collection of poems, was published by The Boho Press, Bristol in 2006.

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