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Ceri Shields - etchings

Hotel Canova (ed. 40)
Milan Cathedral, flying buttress (ed.30)
Milan Cathededral (ed. 15)
etching, 1999

etching, 1999

etching, 1999

Milan Cathedral from above (ed. 40)
The Madeleine (ed. 40)
Leaving for a rendez-vous (ed. 40)
etching, 1999
etching, 2000
etching, 2000


Fin de Siècle (ed. 10)
The Temple of Bacchus at Baalbeck (ed. 10)
etching, 2000
etching, 2001


Ceri Shields

CERI SHIELDS was born in London in 1964 and studied at Chelsea School of Art, where his work attracted the special commendation of art critic Brian Sewell. While still a student, Shields travelled widely in Europe and India and as a result of a chance encounter on his second visit to Rajasthan in 1989, he was invited to participate in the Gallery’s theme exhibition Paradise is here...Ten painters in Moghul and Rajput India. Subsequently, he showed in Byron’s Travels (1990), The Pilgrim Road to Santiago de Compostela (1991) and in the same year One Great Republic: Mozart’s Europe from Paris to Prague, shown at the Lincoln Centre, New York celebrating the bicentenary of the composer’s death. In 1996 works by Ceri Shields were purchased for the art collection of the Bank of Siena.

Ceri Shields has held one-man exhibitions with Francis Kyle Gallery in 1991 (Cairo, Jodhpur, Venice and Granada), 1994 (Fez, Jerusalem, Siena, Hong Kong and the Grand Canyon, Colorado), 1996 (Florence, Bangkok and Cambridge) and 2002 (Milan, Cambridge and East Anglia).

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