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Heather Pocock
The hunter, Pripiatsky, Belarus Where land meets the sea
mixed media, 2008, 13 x 15.5in 33 x 40cm mixed media, 2011, 19 x 16.5in 49 x 41cm
A Catch at Low Tide, Isle of Mull Higher Ground
oil with mixed media, 2016, 31 x 39cm oil with mixed media, 2016, 39 x 20cm




Heather Pocock

Heather Pocock was educated at St.Albans College of Art and Sheffield College of Art, gaining a travel bursary there to study in Italy, where she focused on the artists of the early Renaissance. She went on to take a postgraduate degree at the University of London. From 1978 onwards she has divided her time between painting, travelling and teaching, initially working for several years as a fitness instructor at an Outdoor Adventure Centre.

From 1986 she travelled for some three years continuously, first in India, then through Asia, down to Indonesia and on to Australia, New Zealand and finally the United States. Since that time she has continued to teach and travel during the summer months, spending the winters painting at her base on the western coast of Scotland. Heather Pocock has been represented by Francis Kyle Gallery since 1994. She has participated in many of the Gallery's theme exhibitions, including The Saxon Shore (1997/8), Roma (2003), Lair of the Leopard (2005), Родина, contemporary painters from the west winter in Russia (2008), That gon-tormented Sea: Contemporary painters pursue the idea and reality of Byzantium (2009) and Jumping for Joyce (2013). One-person exhibitions with Francis Kyle Gallery in 1998, 2002 and 2007.

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