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  Philip Hughes  
Rock Pool: Crear Quartz Veins II Pen Enys Point
aquacryl & gouache, 2004, 30 x 50cm 11.75 x 19.75in acrylic and print, 1996, 74 x 63cm 29 x 24.75in acrylic, 2013, 85 x 120cm 33.5 x 47.25in
Crear Buchaille Etive Mor 16/11/2006 The road across Rannoch Moor
aquacryl & gouache, 2004, 30 x 50cm 11.75 x 19.75in acrylic and aquacryl, 2006, 57 x 76cm 22.5 x 30in acrylic & aquacryl, 2006, 33 x 50cm 13 x 19.75in
Dungeness (set of nine) Dungeness: Shingle Bank Dungeness 2004
acrylic, 2014, 27 x 47cm 10.5 x 18.5in each etching, 2014, 38 x 57cm 15 x 22.5in c-type, 2014, 120 x 120cm 47.25 x 47.25in
Three clumps of beeches, Uffington Fort Above Charleston, March Descending to Firle I
gouache, 2004, 36 x 62cm 14.25 x 24.5in gouache, 1993, 44 x 76cm 17.25 x 30in acrylic and gouache, 2012, 25 x 37cm 9.25 x 14.5in
Chysanster: House 6 Hadrian's Wall at Milecastle 38 Kwajalein: The Marshall Islands
pencil, 2000, 88 x 123cm 34.5 x 48.5in mixed media, 2003, 27 x 58cm 10.75 x 23.5in etching, ed.20, 2014, 38 x 47cm 15 x 18.5in (paper size)



Philip Hughes

For Philip Hughes the relationship between landscape and human history lies at the heart of his work. Across a span of some forty years he has walked in five continents to map out a distinctive, distilled vision of landscape in which topography plays a conspicuous role, as it did for early man in establishing his first sacred sites and ceremonial centres.



Philip Hughes (born in London in 1936) studied at Cambridge University. Self-taught as an artist, his vision has been shaped by extensive travel linked to a preoccupation with the structure of landscape and the archaeology of ancient cultures. In 1975 he spent a year in the Andean countries of South America, later working at many of the pre-Columbian ceremonial centres in the Americas from Monte Alban in Mexico to the Anasazi villages in the Four Corners of the United States. In 2002 he made an extended visit to Antarctica as Visiting Artist with the British Antarctic Survey. His travels have also included visits to Zanskar in the West Himalayas and Aboriginal sites in Australia. During these years he has walked to interpret landscape throughout the British Isles and since 2001 has been making regular visits to Orkney, working in collaboration with archaeologists on Neolithic sites.

Showing with Francis Kyle Gallery since 1979, Philip Hughes has also held exhibitions in France, and in 1990 he was given a Retrospective by the Museum and Art Gallery, Inverness, the first of several public exhibitions including Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum. He served on the council of the Royal College of Art (1987-1992), on the board of the Design Museum (1990-1996) and as Chairman of the Trustees of the National Gallery (1996-2000). Hughes’ work is represented in numerous public collections including The British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, the UK Government Collection and the Library of Congress, Washington D.C., U.S.A

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