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Graham Hillier


oil, 34 x 24in 86 x 61cm





GRAHAM HILLIER was born in Bridlington, Yorkshire in 1946 and educated at Leeds College of Art. He has held eighteen exhibitions in England, France and Germany.

Since 1985 he has been represented by Francis Kyle Gallery, where he has held eight one-man exhibitions. He has also been a contributor to many of the Gallery’s theme exhibitions including The Ridgeway: Europe’s Oldest Road (1986), The Lost Domain (1986), Goethe’s Italian Journey (1987), Twelve painters take the Pilgrim Road to Santiago de Compostela (1991), The Route Napoleon (1992), The Piero Trail from Florence to Urbino (1994), Per una selva oscura: Artists take to the Forest (1995), The Saxon Shore (1997); The Art of Memory: contemporary painters in search of Marcel Proust (2000 and at the National Theatre 2001); Roma (2003) and Lair of The Leopard: Twenty artists go in search of Lampedusa's Sicily (2005). In 1999 he was given a Retrospective at the Arts Centre, King’s Lynn.

Public collections owning paintings by Graham Hillier include the Ferens Museum, Hull and the Usher Gallery, Lincoln. Graham Hillier’s paintings are featured prominently in The Ridgeway: Europe’s Oldest Road, published by Phaidon, Oxford.



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