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Robbie Duff-Scott
Fire from the sun has washed her Leave Alone Hemisphere in a woman's hair
oil, 150 x 110cm 59 x 43.5in oil, 140 x 120cm 55 x 47.25in oil, 125 x 85cm 49 x 33.5in
Love Summer Traces of Desire
oil, 100 x 100cm 39.5 x 39.5in oil, 100 x 120cm 39.5 x 47in oil, 80 x 60cm 31.5 x 23.5in

Robbie Duff Scott

Robbie Duff-Scott was born in the UK in 1959 and was educated at Clifton College, Bristol and the York University where he studied English, French and American literature. It was while at university that he returned to his love of drawing. He has lived in Italy since 1984 and has established a reptutation there as an important proponent of the tradition of European figurative painting. His work speaks of ‘flesh and melancholy’ and has the recurring themes of the obscure desire for flight and the inevitability of falling.
Apart from an obvious debt to Caravaggio, Duff-Scott’s influences include the singer Tom Waits, the poetry of Charles Baudelaire and the music of legendary blues singer Robert Johnson. He settled permanently in Umbria in 1989 and now lives and works in Umbertide.




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